Roadside Assistance Terms and Conditions

ARTICLE 1 – General 

SPLITSECND offer to their customers a variety of assistance services, which will be supplied by NZ Roadside Assistance Ltd. Drivers can call a single toll-free number in New Zealand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to obtain various services supplied by the NZRA. 



2.1 “Accident” means a collision or impact between the registered Vehicle and another Vehicle or object or an attempted break in or theft of the Vehicle. 

2.2 “Authorised Person” means an individual or company designated by SPLITSECND to be responsible for approving provision of Services by NZRA when required.

 2.3 “Service Contractor” means a repairer, which has been authorised by SPLITSECND or NZRA to perform temporary repairs to mobilise the Vehicle after a breakdown. 

2.4 “Breakdown” means a mechanical or electrical failure, which causes the Vehicle to be immobilised or renders it unsafe to drive provided this is not occasioned by accident including basic call outs such as flat tyre, locked or lost keys, out of fuel and flat battery. 

2.5 “Case” means a call received by NZRA from a registered Splitsecnd Unit / customer and the event has been entered into the NZRA Auto program. 

2.6 “Driver/Member” means the driver/member of a Vehicle registered under the SPLITSECND Roadside program and authorised to drive the Vehicle. 

2.7 “Vehicle Records” means records such as Vehicle lists, company addresses and phone numbers, details of Vehicle registrations and other information used for the provision of the Services. 

2.8 “Program” means the document containing an undertaking to cover the vehicle on roadside assistance and automotive accident related events as listed in Article 3 “Service to be provided”. 

2.9 “Recovery” means the relocation of the failed Vehicle by a towing operator, Vehicle Transport Company (road or rail) to the intended destination. 

2.10 “Services” means those services set out in Article 3 and annexure 2 of this Agreement. 

2.11 “Tow or Transport” means that the Vehicle will be towed or transported by the most appropriate equipment available to NZRA, dependant on the services available, the location of the Vehicle and the time that the breakdown occurs. 

2.12 “Vehicle” means any duly registered motor Vehicle covered under the Splitsecnd Program, and complying with the relevant provisions, laws and regulations for road worthiness and use. 

2.13 “Policy” means the customers emergency services and Roadside cover for their registered Splitsecnd / vehicle. 

2.14 The singular shall include the plural and vice versa and reference to any gender shall include all genders. 

ARTICLE 3 Service to be Provided

3.1 Policy Limits – Roadside Program 

NZRA will provide service as per the service entitlements 3.8 and cover the initial costs of the service to a maximum of three (3) Events per year for any one registered vehicle. All costs associated with any service provided over and above the maximum of three (3) Events per year will be the responsibility of the policy holder. The policy holder cannot carry over remaining call outs if more than a 12-month policy is registered. NZRA will cover the costs of the initial tow and recover the vehicle back to the nearest NZRA approved repairer or if not available the closest place of safety. If the customer requests the vehicle to be towed to another repairer, they may need to cover the costs. Any accident or damaged vehicle towing can be arranged but at the policy holders’ expense. 

The Driver is to wait by the Vehicle after contacting NZRA, as NZRA cannot provide assistance services at the site of the Vehicle breakdown if the Driver is not in attendance. If long waits times occur due to circumstance NZRA will liaise with the customer and arrange for the service provider to meet at the vehicle at a set time. 

3.2 NZRA agrees to supply, in good faith, the applicable Service in a timely manner taking into account the circumstances of each case.

3.3 NZRA Operations Coordinators will be available by telephone on a toll-free basis in New Zealand answering in English twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week in the provision of the Services for members in New Zealand. 

3.4 When NZRA has the information immediately available, it will provide the relevant Services to the member whilst the member is on the telephone. In all other cases, NZRA will provide the information to the member by the quickest possible means. 

3.5 NZRA will provide the appropriate services according to the information and policy / Program records as advised to us by SPLITSECND. These services will also be noted in the Program documents provided to the member. The SPLITSECND Roadside policy cover is registered against the “vehicle” for services as registered to the device. If the policy holder’s information is not on the system due to an error in the data or misinformation NZRA will assist on Goodwill and take credit card information to cover costs until policy is confirmed by Splitsecnd on the next business day.

3.6 NZRA will provide roadside assistance services to SPLITSECND Roadside policy members when failures occur and are not covered by NZ Roadside Assistance like accidents. Costs over the capped services provided will be paid directly by the policy holder via their credit card to NZRA. 

3.7 NZRA can supply the Driver services beyond those noted in Article 3.8 at the policy holder’s expense via their credit card over the phone. NZRA will quote the additional costs if any over the policy limits and advise the customer their credit card will be used to debit these costs from. NZRA uses DPS (Direct Payment System) and adheres to merchant services and is PCI compliant. 

3.8 The Services to be provided by NZRA under this Agreement consist of the following services: 

Services: Splitsecnd Roadside Assistance 

Roadside Assistance 
Jumpstart flat batteries 
Flat Tyre, replace with the vehicles serviceable spare 
Run out of Fuel; provide emergency supply, technical advice. 

Technical Advice 
As the majority of NZRA operators are mechanics, NZRA solve or assist many cases over the phone e.g. warning lights, operation of vehicle components, immobilisers, alarms, technical advice re engine fluids etc. 

Flat Battery Parts Replacement 
NZRA will pay for the initial callout to organise for a jumpstart for the vehicle or replace the Battery if required the cost of lab/parts will be the owner’s expense.  

Emergency Fuel 
NZRA will pay for the initial callout for the delivery of emergency fuel if the vehicle has failed at the Roadside (Up to 5l of Petrol or Diesel only) or transport to the closest refuelling depot. 
For incorrectly fuelled vehicles NZRA will assist but the costs to provide this service will be at the policy holder’s expense. 

Lost keys or lock outs 
NZRA will cover the cost to attempt forced entry into the vehicle to recover locked in keys only if requested / instructed to by the registered vehicle owner. NZRA will not be held liable for any damage to the vehicle if asked to attempt a break in. NZRA can assist with locksmith services for lost or stolen/damaged locks, but all costs associated with this will be at the policy holder’s expense

Flat Tyre 
NZRA will cover the costs to fit the serviceable spare-wheel in a puncture situation and can arrange mobile or in house tyre replacement or repair services at the policy holder’s expense. 

If the vehicle cannot be mobilized, NZRA will cover the initial tow of the vehicle to the closest approved NZRA authorised repairer or a place of safety if a repairer is not available. If the customer request for the vehicle to be towed elsewhere the policy holder may have to pay for these costs. 

Accident Coordination 
If the registered vehicle has been immobilised due to an accident, theft or vandalism, NZRA will provide the necessary advice to the owner. NZRA can arrange accommodation, taxi, rentals etc at the owner’s expense which could be claimed back via their insurer. 

ARTICLE 4  – Roadside Policy Conditions and Exclusions 

NZ Roadside Assistance is applicable only to registered SPLITSECND Roadside policy members within New Zealand. To be eligible for NZ Roadside Assistance, the Vehicle must be well maintained and have a current WOF/COF. 


NZRA shall not be held responsible for and is not required to provide any Services where any of the following occur: 

a) Where the Vehicle has undergone unauthorised modifications (including without limitation any replacements, removals or additions) not in conformity to the manufacturer’s specifications or the Vehicle has been modified for racing, trials, or rallying or any Accident or any claim for Service has arisen in respect of such races, trials, rallies or participation in such activities. 

b) Where the Vehicle is carrying more passengers or towing a greater weight than that for which it was designed as stated in the manufacturers specifications or arising from or connection with the improper, unauthorised, reckless or negligent operation of the Vehicle or misuse of the Vehicle.

c) Loss or damage directly or indirectly occasioned by or happening or in consequence of war, invasion, weather events, terrorism, riot, or civil commotion or sabotage or any other similar events 

d) Provision of Services requested is outside New Zealand. 

e) Mechanical breakdown due to driver related damage or misuse of the vehicle. 

f) The Vehicle is not in a roadworthy condition displaying a current WOF. 

g) NZRA shall not be held responsible for any damage to or theft of objects and accessories that are left in or outside the Vehicle but exercise all due care to leave the vehicle secure where able to do so. 

h) NZRA will not be responsible for the cost of any breakdowns resulting from unauthorised repairs or from faulty workmanship. NZRA will not carry out towing from a repairer’s premise or garage. 

i) NZRA will not be responsible for the cost of any breakdowns caused by the fitting of accessories to the Vehicle which are not genuine or are not from the original manufacturer or which are not approved by the manufacturer. 

j) The vehicle is not accessible by a two-wheel drive recovery vehicle. 

k) NZ Roadside Assistance can arrange accident assistance transporting disabled or damaged Vehicles. However, all costs will be at the members expense and may be claimed back via their Insurance cover (If Insured for this risk). 

l) Costs relating to parts, labour and any other associated costs for the repair of the members vehicle, including replacement batteries or tyres, shall be at the cost of the member. Any subsequent call outs required after the initial failure for the same related case will be at the owner’s expense. 

m) Once the Driver has contacted NZ Roadside Assistance for a breakdown service, it is vital that they are with the Vehicle at the designated time of arrival of the service contractor. If the Vehicle is unattended, then work cannot be carried out on the Vehicle and payment maybe required for any subsequent call outs prior to sending further assistance. In certain cases, due  to circumstances where wait times maybe excessive the NZRA will make a time for the driver to meet the provider at the vehicle. 


5.1 The Services provided by NZRA under this Agreement shall be available on a New Zealand-wide basis. 


6.1 In the event of flood, earthquake, fire, hurricane, industrial disturbance, strike, fire, war or civil strife, Acts of God or any other law, order, decree, rule or regulations of any governmental or quasi-governmental authority or for any reason, whether falling into the same genus, species, class or category as the foregoing or not, beyond the control of the parties which, in the opinion of either of the parties makes the strict performance of this Agreement undesirable or impossible, the parties shall consult with a view to its modification or other alteration.