Increasing Young Driver Safety on New Zealand Roads

The most recent crash fatality statistics from the year ending 2018 shows that drivers aged 20-24 years of age had a significantly higher proportion of deaths than any other age group. 2018 Fatality Statistics (28) Fatal crashes for 20-24 year olds.             (25) of those were Male.             (3) of those were Female. Not only […]

splitsencd is Much More Than a Crash Detection Device.

Although it looks relatively small and basic in design, the splitsecnd device is packed with much more than the eye can see. When utilising the software functionality that can be accessed from a computer or mobile device, you have a wide range of tools to utilise other than receiving alerts for crashes. So, what are […]

Benefits of Fleet Management

Health and Safety is paramount in todays working environment. Every person in New Zealand who works has a role to play. It includes not only engaging and educating staff, but providing them with the tools to develop programmes that can help them monitor behaviour.

Many industry’s including couriers; to trades services; to healthcare organisations have employees that are constantly on the road.