splitsecnd – The Perfect Tool for Young Driver Safety

splitsecnd is the perfect tool for young driver safety. You can’t always be in the car with your teen driver, but splitsecnd can. Don’t wait on your teen to tell you where they are, if they’re driving, and if there’s been an accident. Just check splitsecnd’s dashboard, or ask your Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Set up boundary alerts and receive notification your teen has arrived safely at their destination. 

According to the AA Driver Education Foundation, restricted drivers are 4 times more likely to have a crach than learner drivers. What better solution that to protect your teen with splitsecnd.

It’s simply the best option for new drivers and their families giving parents peace of mind.

Additional to keeping our teenage drivers safe, splitsecnd is also the perfect device for helping to keep our senior drivers safe on the roads!

Keeping our Young Drivers Safe