Elderly People Driving – Keeping Them Safe

Elderly People Driving and eeping them safe is always at the forefront of families minds. The NZ Transport Agency predicts that drivers over the age of 65 will make up 25% of the population from the late 2030’s. Consequently is an increased number of elderly people driving with medical conditions or on some form of strong medication. In 2018 senior road users (75 years and over) accounted for 711 injuries and 43 deaths.

Should elderly drivers be allowed to drive? For many, driving is a key aspect of maintaining independance as we age. And unfortunately we all grow up one day! How would you feel about losing your licence? Keep that in mind before demanding your senior driver to give up their license! Elderly people driving and keeping them safe is a way that we can help them to keep their independence. It is important that we help them remain active and contributing to the community.

You can’t always be in the car with your loved ones, but splitsecnd can. Don’t wait on your partner to tell you where they are.  If they’re driving, –  just check splitsecnd’s dashboard, or ask your Amazon Alexa or Google Home.  With GPS Tracking and instant crash detection, you can be assured help is on it’s way to your senior driver. It’s simply the best option to keep senior drivers safe.