A Fleet Management Software and System is a fundamental element of running any business. splitsecnd is one of the easiest systems. As a result, keeping tabs on your drivers has never been easier.

Enter splitsecnd: the simplest one-step solution for tracking your company’s vehicles on deliveries and routes. See if they’re on track for a delivery time by checking their location. With the boundary alert you can get an instant notification if they wander from their route.All of this without relying on your driver’s cell phone. It’s simply the best option for fleet managers and offers an adaptable tracking solution for any vehicle.

Fleet Management


Where is your driver? Will they be on time? How far away are they from the delivery site? Stop wondering and find out instantly with splitsecnd’s custom GPS tracking dashboard built for fleet management. Never has there been an easier method of Fleet Management Software and Systems!


Is it safe to call or text your driver? Where are they parked? Find out in a moment’s notice by asking your Amazon Alexa or Google Homesplitsecnd’s voice-activated integrations make it easy to join your connected business with your connected car. In addition you can rest assured that your drivers are safe!


Get alerted instantly if the device detects an accident or your driver roams too far from a set boundary without relying on their cell phone. Find out if emergency services have been dispatched, locate your the vehicle, and determine if it is safe to contact your driver without having to wait to hear from them.


Determine boundaries for your driver’s route– their regular deliveries, their expected path– and get notifications if they wander. splitsecnd keeps an eye out for unusual activity for your business. splitsecnd also records trip histories as a record of where your fleet vehicles have been, when.


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