splitsencd is Much More Than a Crash Detection Device.

Although it looks relatively small and basic in design, the splitsecnd device is packed with much more than the eye can see.

When utilising the software functionality that can be accessed from a computer or mobile device, you have a wide range of tools to utilise other than receiving alerts for crashes.

So, what are the range of features including crash detection?

Crash Detection

If a crash was to occur, a driver may only be assisted when another vehicle passes by. Sometimes, assistance may not be close by, particularly when in an isolated area.

splitsecnd has a built-in gyro meter that can detect when a vehicle stops suddenly with force or when a vehicle may roll. When this sensor is activated, the device triggers a call to the help-centre who can provide immediate assistance to you.


One of the greatest safety features to be introduced into the device is live-tracking. It can be useful for Fleet Managers to keep track of where their vehicles are at any moment. Not only is this feature useful for businesses, however parents of young teenage drivers or families with elderly drivers can also see the benefits of knowing where these high-risk drivers are.

Setting Boundaries

How beneficial would I be if when a driver when into an area they weren’t meant to go to, or if a driver has strayed off a planned route, you received a notification of this?

Well with a splitsecnd device, you have the ability to set boundary limits for drivers. If they go over the boundary limit you receive a notification of such.

Route History

Analysing Route history data can be highly beneficial for Fleet Managers. Gathering different analysis and metrics. This allows managers to optimise routes, keep track of driver hours and whether they are taking required breaks when needed.

Medical Assistance

With splitsecnd, Medical assistance can be a push of a button away. Not only does triggering the button link you with a call centre who can direct medical assistance to your location, however medical records of the driver can be accessed.

Roadside Assistance

One added bonus that users receive from splitsecnd is access to a roadside assistance provider. Car suddenly has broken down? flat tyre? just push the button on the device and an agent from the call centre can get roadside assistance to you, even better, they will know exactly where you are!

Combining all of these great features together!

Having all of these features packed into this device is not a substitute for taking responsibility for your vehicle condition and driving habits. Ultimately you and all drivers on the road are responsible for safety. splitsecnd is a great tool to help manage drivers on the road and provide assistance when things may go wrong!

Enquire about splitsecnd today by either phoning 03 929 1403 or emailing enquiries@splitsecnd.co.nz

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