Boundary Alerts

What are Boundary Limits?

Boundary limits can be set between 0.1km and 160km. When a driver goes through a boundary (Whether into or out of) you receive a notification of this when it happens. The setting of boundaries can have many uses both personal and in business situations.

Who would benefit from them?


Logistics can be an integral factor to the day-to-day performance and overall success of some businesses. Managing vehicle movements in and out of premises can at times be challenging and if it goes wrong, then there can be critical delays or problems further down the track.

Being able to have an alert of when a vehicle is 5, 10 or even 30 minutes from arriving at a location could assist in quicker processing times for the removal or fitting of stock on stock trucks by enabling staff to be ready to go.


Sometimes it is impossible to maintain control over the whereabouts of family members. It may seem intrusive by those you are concerned about, but at the end of the day, this care is about the safety of those family members. From your teenage kids driving to school, or your elderly parents driving their way around town, having boundaries managed through splitsecnd can help with your peace of mind.

Are your teenage children really only going to school as they say? Did they take the safer road during the winter, or did they take a dangerous icy route?

Saying all of this isn’t from the viewpoint of some ‘big-brother’ watchdog. It is from the view that every parent would hold in doing the best for their children and keeping them safe.

Whether setting boundaries to have better oversight of fleet, or for keeping an eye on family members, having the boundary feature enables a wider scope of information.

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